The AFCX provides a secure environment for sharing and accessing a comprehensive range of financial crime data. The system is operated and managed in compliance with ISO 27001 and Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) so members can be confident that the AFCX’s security setting matches, or exceeds, their own.

Members upload their own information based on agreed standards. They can download equivalent anonymised data provided by other members for analysis. This data exchange forms the basis of the insight and intelligence sharing and generation that AFCX provides.

In addition to data accumulation and aggregation, the AFCX is a nexus for communication about financial and cyber crime.




  • Fraud data based on agreed standards
  • Intelligence provided by members, law enforcement, security organisations


  • The “engine room” provides incident management capability and access to the data exchange
  • Knowledge Centre with complimentary reports and knowledge-based articles are available and for member use
  • Secure and efficient communication network
  • Collaboration capabilities provide a robust and structured process for handling and tracking real-time intelligence


  • Consolidated reporting
  • Data is analysed en masse to produce industry-wide benchmarks and macro trends
  • Domestic and international insights
  • Active threat library

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