How it works

Information-sharing is crucial to fighting financial and cybercrimes. The AFCX Intelligence membership allows access to a collaborative, secure space to raise issues, discuss trends and investigate fraud cases with other financial organisations. You can uncover industry insights into key threats, such as application frauds, money mules and scams, to inform your existing risk detection processes and enhance fraud prevention in your organisation.

The Benefits

Forum Centre

Gain access to the members-only Forum Centre to raise issues, and discuss trends and modus operandi.

Discreet Data Projects

Collaborate on data projects to investigate fraud cases on a secure platform.

Fraud Analysis and News

Receive the Intelligence Bulletin and Fraud Trend Reports in your inbox, and keep up-to-date on the latest industry threats.

Why become an Intelligence member?

The AFCX Intelligence Membership is ideal for industry organisations who would benefit from collaborating with financial organisations about fraud. As an Intelligence member, you can:

  • Tap into the combined intelligence of members to fight financial and cybercrimes
  • Better prepare against threats affecting the industry, customers and the public through news and analysis sourced from agencies around the world
  • Increase your organisation’s confidence in addressing threats with fraud data and insights

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