How it works

Every year Australians lose over $6 billion due to financial and cybercrime. The Exchange accumulates and aggregates data, forming insights and intelligence domestically and internationally, to protect your organisation and customers against financial and cybercrime.

Sharing information can identify large-scale crime patterns that may not be obvious within one organisation, but become visible through pooled data and intelligence, where trends can be drawn from across several organisations.

  1. Upload your fraud data, based on agreed standards
  2. Download equivalent data provided by other members, law enforcement and security organisations
  3. Collaborate and network with other members about financial and cyber crime


Improve intelligence and protection for your organisation from the real threat of financial crime on the Exchange platform.

The engine room

Incident management capability and access to the data exchange, which includes operational workflows, for better fraud and risk management.

Active threat library

Real-time updates on active threats and ultimately reduced compliance costs due to an overall reduced cybercrime threat.

Knowledge centre

Complimentary consolidated reporting and knowledge-based articles from the country’s largest data and intelligence set.

Industry-wide insights

Data analysed en-masse to expose benchmarks, macro trends and enhance best practice, creating a unified and collective response to financial and cybercrime.

Collaboration capabilities

A robust process for handling and tracking intelligence and the opportunity to collaborate with other organisations to break down silos.

Full compliance

Compliant with ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS Standards, so members can be confident that the security setting matches or exceeds their own.


The AFCX Exchange Membership equips financial organisations with a full breadth of security capabilities, technology and intelligence in one central platform. It has been designed for large and complex financial institutions who require a maximum level of protection against high-risk customer groups and activities. As an Exchange member, you gain:
  • Access to a secure (ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant) network for sharing knowledge
  • Access to the country’s largest data and intelligence set
  • Collaboration with other organisations and members to break down silos
  • Operational workflows for fraud and risk management
  • Reduced compliance costs due to an overall reduced threat level from financial and cyber crime

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Our platform is enriched with in-depth data contributed by some of the top financial organisations across Australia.