The AFCX is the primary channel through which the public and private sector will coordinate their intelligence and data-sharing activities for the investigation and prevention of financial and cyber crime.

By sharing information, analytic capability, and evidence-based insights, AFCX members create a powerhouse of financial and cyber crime intelligence that takes the fight beyond simply policing transactions and investigating irregularities. Working outside traditional silos creates the ability to identify criminal trends, activity and networks that operate across different businesses.

Cooperating with similar organisations overseas also allows the AFCX to identify criminal activity and networks that operate across international boundaries.

AFCX is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that was formed by the four major Banks to assist businesses combat financial-related crimes. It operates independently of government, law enforcement and its members, although it is funded by its members. The AFCX has the support of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and is a key limb in the Australian Government’s National Organised Crime Response Plan.

Benefits of the AFCX


The AFCX benefits the community by making financial and cyber crime more visible to those who are trying to prevent or fight it.

Benefits for business

  • Reduced losses due to financial crime
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Cooperative initiative to reduce financial fraud and cyber crime
  • Improved collective awareness of financial and cyber crime which includes robust law enforcement intelligence

Benefits for customers

  • Reduced overall exposure to financial and cyber crime
  • Improved confidence in financial services and real-time payments
  • Increased awareness of financial and cyber crime and what Australian organisations are doing to fight fraud and cyber crime
  • Better value and satisfaction from e-commerce and their financial institutions

Benefits for society

  • Better protection against financial and cyber crime for Australian business and consumers
  • Improved national defences against the perpetrators of financial and cyber crime
  • Sharing the responsibility for financial and cyber crime and providing a collective priority to address the issue